SentiLink stops
synthetic fraud

SentiLink's technology helps you combat synthetic fraud, a crime in which fake identities are created and used to defraud financial institutions and government agencies.

Our real-time API identifies fake people during the application process and prevents them from hurting your bottom line.

Connect the dots

SentiLink leverages deep industry knowledge and proprietary, patent-pending soft-clustering technology to identify fraudulent applications by searching for statistical anomalies.

The same fraudsters target multiple lenders. SentiLink can flag suspicious behavior to prevent your institution from being a victim.

Security & Compliance

SentiLink's security program is audited annually and is EI3PA, SOC-2, and PCI compliant. We also regularly conduct security audits, vulnerability scans, and penetration tests to ensure compliance with security best practices and standards. SentiLink's customers can trust that their data is handled in a secure manner throughout its lifetime.